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Harding (Co Limerick)


Name Description
Harding (Co Limerick) Samuel Harding, son of Brigadier Major Henry Harding of Harding Grove, held land in county Limerick in the mid 19th century. He and his brother Henry were made freemen of the city of Limerick in June 1813. Seoighe writes that Samuel Harding of Stoyle, born 1758, had four sons Henry, William, Joseph and Robert. In July 1850 the estate of Henry Joseph Harding at Steyle and Gurtnesudane, called Harding's Grove, was advertised for sale. Griffith's Valuation records Samuel Harding in the parish of Loghill, barony of Shanid. He married a [Letitia] Blennerhassett and they had at least two sons Henry and Joseph who died in Chicago in 1885 and 1886. Robert Harding of Cherrygrove had a daughter Mary Anne who married Hugh son of the Honourable George Eyre Massy in 1821.