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Ievers (Castle Ievers)


Name Description
Ievers (Castle Ievers) George Ievers of Athlacca, county Limerick, was the sixth son of Henry Ivers, clerk of the King's Commissioners for settling quit rents at the end of the 17th century. He married a Seward of county Cork and his eldest son, Robert, resided at Castle Ievers. From Robert's third son, Richard, descend the Castle Ievers branch of the family and from his fourth son, George, the Mount Ievers family. Richard Ievers married Elizabeth Holmes and their son, Robert Holmes Ievers and two further generations of Robert Holmes Ievers lived at Castle Ievers. Richard Ievers, the second son of Richard and Elizabeth Ievers, lived at Greenpark. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Robert H. Ievers held land in the parishes of Grean, barony of Coonagh and Athlacca, barony of Coshma. The lands in the parish of Athlacca were held from Anthony B. St Leger, Lady Langford and William Maunsell. In the 1870s Robert Ivers of Castle Ivers owned 1,104 acres in county Limerick. Lands belonging to this estate were sold in the Landed Estates court in 1871 to Michael Murphy.
Cleary/Clery In 1906 the representatives of Robert Cleary are recorded as the occupiers of over 700 acres of untenanted land in the parish of Athlacca, barony of Coshma, county Limerick. Robert Clery of The Glebe, Athlacca, was a director of Cannock and Company of Limerick city and a son of its Chairman Michael John Clery of Fort Mary, North Circular Road, Limerick, born at Bulgaden. Robert Clery married Isabella, sixth daughter of Robert Holmes Ievers, who was the immediate lessor of Athlacca North and South at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Michael J. Clery died in 1896 and Robert Clery in 1900 aged 33 years.