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Dwyer (Stradbally)


Name Description
Dwyer (Stradbally) A member of the Dwyer family was living at Singland in the parish of St Patricks, close to Limerick city in the 1770s and Wilson also refers to it as the residence of Mr. Dwyer in 1786. John Dwyer was a barrister in Dublin in the 1820s who acquired lands in counties Limerick and Tipperary. Counsellor John Stephen Dwyer was the proprietor of a number of townlands in the parish of Stradbally, close to Limerick city at the time of the first Ordnance Survey circa 1840. Properties in counties Limerick and Tipperary, belonging to John Stephen Dwyer of Castle Connell, were advertised for sale in November 1850. In the 1870s parliamentary return of the owners of one acre or more John S. Dwyer of Castleconnell is recorded as owning 472 acres while in Hussey de Burgh's list he is recorded as owning 1,138 acres in county Limerick. His daughter Adelaide Frances Dwyer married Thomas Johnstone Stoney as his first wife. The Dwyer papers in the National Archives show that the Dwyers held land in counties Limerick and Tipperary as follows - Stradbally, Castleconnell, Park, Boherkeile, Ballyneety, Coolbane, Whitestown, in county Limerick and Dromnemehane, Corravantane, Bawnmore, Uskane, Ballyrourkmore Bary, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary.
Hall (Castlelake) In the mid 19th century General Hall held land in the parish of Relickmurry and Athassel, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary. General Gage John Hall was the son of Captain John Hall and Jane Dwyer, daughter of Anthony Dwyer of Singleton, county Limerick. He was Governor of Mauritius 1817-1818 and had a distinguished military career. His sister Elizabeth married Sir John Allen de Burgho 3rd Baronet. General Hall lived at Elmfield House, Exeter and died on 18 April 1854. The Hall estate at Castlelake was advertised for sale in June 1867. The owners were given as John Canny, Gage John Hall Canny, Edward Lee Townsend and his wife Elizabeth otherwise Canny, Isabella Canny, John Shurmer and his wife Sarah otherwise Canny and Anna Hodge Canny. A small part of the estate was held on a lease from William and Thomas Quin to Major General Hall and Francis Dwyer dated 1824. The rest was held in fee simple.