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Hodder (Hoddersfield)


Name Description
Hodder (Hoddersfield) A Dorset family who settled in county Cork in the mid 17th century. ''Burke's Irish Family Records'' refers to William Hodder who obtained a grant of 7,365 acres in that county including Ringabrow or Hoddersfield. William's brother John received a grant of 3,729 acres in 1666 and left his estate to his nephew. From William's second son Francis descend the Hodders of Hoddersfield. Francis Hodder's great grandson William Hodder died in 1787 and left his estates to his nephew William Henry Moore who took the additional name of Hodder. Griffith's Valuation records W.H.M. Hodder holding land in the parishes of Kilkeedy, barony of Pubblebrien, county Limerick and Nohaval, barony of Kinalea, county Cork. Samuel Hodder was among the principal lessors in the parishes of Ballyfoyle and Tracton at the same time. In the 1870s William H.M. Hodder of Hoddersfield owned 1,885 acres in county Cork and 414 acres in county Limerick. The second son of William H. Moore Hodder was the Reverend Henry Theophilus, rector of Carrigrohane, county Cork, who married Sarah Forster in 1849. In the 1870s Mrs Sarah Moore Hodder of Parkmore, Ballincollig, county Cork, is recorded as owner of 763 acres in county Clare. At the same time Francis Hodder of Fountainstown owned 787 acres, Captain Samuel Hodder of Rinuabella owned 1,090 acres and Colonel W.H.M. Hodder of Hoddersfield owned 1,885 acres in county Cork.