Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Wolfe The Wolfe family were settled at Forenaghts and Bishopsland, county Kildare, since the late 17th century. In 1753 Philpot Wolfe of Forenaghts married Mary daughter of Thomas de Burgh of Dromkeen, county Limerick. Although her brother left Dromkeen to his cousin Walter Hussey (Hussey de Burgh), Mary must have inherited some property in county Limerick, which became the Wolfe estate in that county. One of her grandsons was the Reverend Richard Wolfe who succeeded his brother John in 1816. In 1831 the Reverend Richard Wolfe married Lady Charlotte Sophia Hely-Hutchinson, sister of John 2nd Earl of Donoughmore and died without heirs in 1841. The Ordnance Survey Field Name Book shows that Thomas Disney was agent to the Wolfe estate in county Limerick. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Lady Charlotte Wolfe held an estate in the county Limerick parishes of Caherconlish, Dromkeen and Inch St Lawrence, barony of Clanwilliam. Richard Wolfe of Ferns, Naas, county Kildare, owned 1,365 acres in county Limerick in the 1870s and 1,397 acres in county Kildare.
De Burgh (Dromkeen) This family of Bourke originally from county Mayo settled at Dromkeen in county Limerick in the 15th century. In 1726 Thomas Burgh of Dromkeen, son of the Reverend Richard Burgh, married his cousin Mary Burgh of Oldtown, county Kildare and they had a son Richard who died in 1762 and left his estate to his cousin Walter Hussey later Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland. Richard's sister Mary married Philpot Wolfe of Forenaghts, county Kildare, and appears to have inherited land in county Limerick. Walter Hussey de Burgh held land in the parish of Dromkeen, barony of Clanwilliam, county Limerick, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. His estate appears to be connected to that of the Balfes. His son, John Hamilton Hussey de Burgh, married Louisa Townsend, of Shepperton, county Cork and is associated with property in that county. Members of this family were still residing at Dromkeen in the 1970s.
Jackson (Mount Pleasant) Major George Jackson of Mount Pleasant, Nenagh, county Tipperary, married Letitia, daughter of Richard Townsend Herbert of Cahirnane, county Kerry. In 1853 their daughter, Letitia, married Toler Kingsley Wolfe of St Margarets, county Dublin and Rapla, county Tipperary, eldest son of John Wolfe of Rockford, county Tipperary. The Jackson estate was in the parish of Ballymackey, barony of Upper Ormond, in the mid 19th century. In 1852 Andrew Jackson of Mount Pleasant married Alicia Smithwick. Andrew was murdered outside his home in 1863. Mount Pleasant and the lands of Tooreigh (729 acres in total)were advertised for sale in June 1870. In the 1870s George S. Jackson of Monkstown, county Dublin, owned 1,412 acres in county Tipperary.
Wolfe (Rockford) This family were a junior branch of the Wolfe family of Forenaghts, county Kildare. In 1823, John Wolfe of Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, married Frances, daughter of William Kingsley of Rockford, Nenagh, count Tipperary. Their son, Toler Kingsley Wolfe, lived at Rapla and married Letitia Jackson of Mount Pleasant, county Tipperary. In the mid 19th century John Wolfe held land in the parishes of Templederry, barony of Upper Ormond and Monsea, barony of Lower Ormond. The estate of William Standish Wolfe at Ballinwear and Kyle, barony of Lower Ormond, was advertised for sale in June 1867. The Irish Times reports that it was sold to Mr. T.K. Wolfe of Nenagh. William S. Wolfe was a brother of John Wolfe of Rapla. In the 1870s Toler Wolfe of Salthill, Nenagh, owned 17 acres and his younger brother Richard Wolfe of Rockford owned 682 acres in county Tipperary. John Hunt leased land from the Wolfes.