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Maunsell (Limerick)


Name Description
Maunsell (Limerick) The Maunsell family were originally from Buckinghamshire. They settled at Mocollop, county Waterford, in the early 16th century and received lands in counties Galway and Limerick in the 17th century. Richard Maunsell settled in Limerick in the 18th century and represented the city in Parliament from 1741 to 1761. From his second son descend the Maunsells of Ballywilliam. His eldest son Thomas married Dorothea Waller of Castle Waller and had four sons, Richard died in America, Thomas of Plassey, Robert of Bank Place, Limerick and the Reverend George, Dean of Leighlin, who married Helena Hedges Eyre of Macroom Castle and Mount Hedges, county Cork. Robert Maunsell had a distinguished career in India and was a founder of Maunsells' Bank with his brother Thomas and Sir Matthew Blakiston on his return to Ireland in 1789. The descendants of Robert's fourth (Henry of Fantstown, Kilmallock) and sixth (General Frederick of Gortbwee, Clonan and Glenwood) sons were living in county Limerick in the late 19th century. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Major Robert Maunsell, [eldest son of Henry Maunsell of Fantstown] held land in the parishes of Fedamore, barony of Smallcounty and in the parishes of Monagay, Newcastle and Killeedy, barony of Glenquin.
Blakiston The Blakistons were merchants of London, Matthew Blakiston was knighted in 1759, served as Mayor of London in 1760 and was made a baronet in 1763. His son Sir Matthew Blakiston married Anne Rochfort of Clogrenane, county Carlow and was a partner in Maunsell's Bank, Limerick. (Thomas Maunsell was married to his wife's sister Mary Rochfort.) Griffith's Valuation records their son another Sir Matthew Blakiston and the Misses Young holding land in the parish of Lismakeery, barony of Connello Lower, county Limerick. Fee simple estates of Sir Matthew Blakiston, amounting to 4,230 acres in the barony of Connello, county Limerick, including the village of Askeaton, were advertised for sale in November 1875. Hewson, Green, Murphy, Massy, Hoey, Hunt and Young were the surnames of the main tenants on this estate and some lots were purchased by them.