Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Farrell The Farrell family held lands in the Barony of Tirerrill, County Sligo. In May 1854 Fergus Farrell offered for sale lands at Carrickbanagher and Coolteen. The sale notice indicates that portions of these lands formed part of a fee-farm grant from Richard Coote, Lord Colloney to Morgan Farrell in 1667. The Freeman's Journal reported that they were purchased in trust for Alderman Farrell at a cost of over £10,000. Later, in 1856, William Ferrall offered for sale lands at Levally, barony of Tirerrill. Both Henry Lyons and Harloe Trumble Phibbs held interests in these lands. In the 1870s Edward Farrell, with an address at Capel St., Dublin, was the owner of over 1200 acres in county Sligo. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Fergus Farrell, son of James J.C.Farrell of Gibralter House, county Sligo, held the townland of Muingnabo containing 2991 acres in the parish of Kilcommon, barony of Erris, county Mayo. The property was held on a lease renewable for ever, Sir Arthur Shaen to Thomas Bournes dated 10 June 1707. In 1828 Fergus Farrell had married Alicia Bournes, widow of James Peter Ruttledge.