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Lloyd (Strancally Castle)


Name Description
Lloyd (Strancally Castle) George Whitlocke of Berkshire married Mary daughter of David Roche of Carass, county Limerick, and eventually became the heir of his great grandfather Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke, a Cromwellian lawyer. The only one of George and Mary Whitlocke's offspring to have children was Mary who married in 1826 William Horton Lloyd of Calton, Yorkshire. William and Mary Lloyd had a son George who succeeded to Whitelocke estates in 1879 and in 1880 assumed the additional name of Whitelocke. George Whitelocke-Lloyd married firstly Selina Jane Henry in 1854 and secondly Lady Anne Margaret Butler daughter of the Earl of Carrick in 1861. In the 1870s George W. Lloyd of Strancally Castle, county Waterford, owned over 1000 acres in county Limerick, 1,106 acres in county Waterford and 61 acres in county Cork.