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Morony (Ballyclogh)


Name Description
Morony (Ballyclogh) Edmond Morony of Ballyclogh, county Limerick, was the eldest son of the second marriage of his father Edmond Morony of Milltown Malbay, county Clare. His grandson also named Edmond, married Helena Mary Odell of Odell Ville, county Limerick. In the 1870s Edmond Moroney of Odell Ville, owned 267 acres in county Limerick. In 1945 Helen Lucia Locke Lloyd of Heathfield, county Limerick, a granddaughter of Edmond Morony, married Michael Allot of Dublin and they ran a dairy farm at Odell Ville during the second half of the 20th century. Following Helen's death in 2008 the house was advertised for sale.