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Name Description
Blackburne In 1857 The Right Honourable Francis Blackburn of Rathfarnham Castle, county Dublin, purchased 1,180 acres of the Marquis of Thomond's estate in the barony of Inchiquin county Clare. In the 1870s Captain John Blackburne of Brownsbarn, Thomastown, county Kilkenny, owned 1,152 acres in county Clare. He was probably a member of the Blackburne family of Tankardstown, county Meath. The Blackburne families of Rathfarnham and Tankardstown were related. A branch of the Blackburne family were resident at Renny, county Cork, during the mid and later nineteenth centuries. In 1885, Walford refers to Frederick John Blackburne, of Renny, who died in 1863, and to his son, John, who was resident at Renny in the 1880s.