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Hodges (Old Abbey & Burrane)


Name Description
Morgan (Old Abbey) This family of Welsh origin was established in the county Limerick locality by the mid 17th century, a number of family members were clergymen in the established church. By the early 18th century James Morgan was living in the parish of Dunmoylan, barony of Shanid where Dore writes he was agent to Chichester Phillips for the Earl of Cork's lands around Askeaton. His grandson, John Morgan of Dunmoylan, married Mary Hodges of Shanagolden, a cousin of George Hodges of Old Abbey. Their son, George Morgan, was living at Old Abbey by 1814. George Hodges and John Morgan are recorded as proprietors of the townland of Park in the Ordnance Survey Name Books. Griffith's Valuation records his son, John Morgan, holding two townlands in the parish of Dunmoylan and in the 1870s John Morgan of Park, Shanagolden owned 342 acres in county Limerick.
Hodges (Old Abbey & Burrane) Dore gives a detailed history of this family in counties Limerick and Clare. The Hodges were established in the Shanagolden, barony of Shanid, locality of county Limerick by the mid 18th century. William Hodges, who appears to have held land in both counties, married Frances Greene of Old Abbey. Their son, George Hodges, maried Mary Monsell of Burrane, county Clare and it was their descendant, George Crowe Hodges, who was living at Burrane at the time of Griffith's Valuation. George Hodges and John Morgan are recorded as proprietors of the townland of Park in the Ordnance Survey Name Books. Lands belonging to George William Hodges and George Crowe Hodges at Glencar, barony of Kilnamanagh, county Tipperary and Castle Quarter, barony of Lower Connello, county Limerick were advertised for sale in November 1850 and other lands at Knockdromroon, barony of Connello in May 1852. The Freeman's Journal reported that Charles Gaussen was the purchaser.
Greene (Old Abbey) The Greenes were settled at Old Abbey, county Limerick, from the early 17th century when they obtained a lease of the property from Sir Charles Coote. 'Burke's Irish Family Records' traces their descent from Captain Godfrey Greene, a '49 officer', who had 2 sons John of Old Abbey and Godfrey of Moorestown, county Tipperary. John Greene, grandson of John of Old Abbey, married Catherine Toler, sister of the 1st Earl of Norbury and they had an only daughter Letitia who in 1776 married Robert Dillon 1st Baron Clonbrock. The Clonbrock Papers show that John Greene also lived at Lettyville, county Tipperary. The Taylor and Skinner map indicates that Ballyrickard House may be the house known as Lettyville in the 18th century. The county Limerick estate of the Greenes was mainly located in the barony of Shanid. M. J. Dore writes that John Greene was succeeded at Old Abbey by his first cousin George Hodges of Shanagolden, county Limerick. The Clonbrock Papers in the National Library of Ireland contain 18th century records relating to the Old Abbey estate of the Greenes, including the will of John Greene of Old Abbey 1741.