Landed Estates
NUI Galway





Name Description
Cooke The estate at Kilturra was originally part of the property of the Archdeacon of Achonry. It was held on a long lease by the Phillips family who built a house there c.1745, this house was later replaced. The property passed by inheritence through marriage to the McDermott family. It was sold by the Church Temporalities Commission in 1878 and purchased by John Ormsby Cooke. (O'Rorke's History of Sligo, Vol II, 196). McTernan notes that Cooke was a nephew of the McGettrick family, the previous owners. The Cookes had built up a landholding base in south Sligo during the previous century and at least two members of the family had acted as agents for the Phibbs estate in the parish of Achonry.