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Finch (Tullamore Park)


Name Description
Finch (Tullamore Park) An English family who settled in county Tipperary in the 17th century. Lieutenant Colonel Simon Finch was granted over 3,400 acres there in 1666. They intermarried with a number of county Clare land owning families such as the Purdons, Singletons and Bradys. Edward Finch of Kilcoleman married Margaret Purdon of Tinerana, county Clare. The Finchs of Tullamore are descended from their eldest son, Simon, and the Finchs of Kilcoleman and Maryville from their second son, William. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Finch estates were in the parishes of Burgesbeg, Monsea and Youghalarra, barony of Owney and Arra. The estate of John Finch in the barony of Owney and Arra, amounting to 1,593 acres was advertised for sale in April 1864. In 1867 part of the lands of Cragroe (172 acres), barony of Tulla Upper, county Clare, was advertised for sale, the estate of Edward Finch. In the 1870s John Finch of Tullamore Park, Nenagh, county Tipperary and Cragroe, Tulla, county Clare, owned 1,579 acres in county Tipperary and 129 acres in county Clare, George Massy Finch of Bloomfield, Newport, owned 883 acres in county Tipperary and Hugh Finch of Rathurles owned 147 acres. At the same time George W. Finch of Maryville owned 143 acres in county Limerick and William Finch of Kilcoleman owned 412 acres in county Tipperary.
Smith (Blossomfort) Hajba writes that Richard Smith was agent to the Longfields of Longueville, county Cork, and that he first resided at Assolas and later at Blossomfort. He married Frances Finch of Clonmacken, county Limerick and they had a large family. At the end of the 19th century their eldest son Captain Richard Fitzherbert Smith lived at Clydaville for a time. Richard Smith was killed by a horse at a fair in 1877. In the 1870s he is recorded as owning 890 acres in county Cork. It is not established if he was related to the J. Smith who was living at Blossomfort in 1837.
Dring The Dring family was established in county Cork from the late 17th century. They resided at Rockgrove until the mid 19th century and married members of the Lombard, Uniacke, Courtenay and Finch families. The Dring estate was in the parishes of Ballydeloher and Caherlag, barony of Barrymore and Mogeely, barony of Imokilly, county Cork. Simon Dring of Rockgrove, Glanmire, owned over a thousand acres in county Cork in the 1870s.