Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Brew The Brew family were resident in Ennis, county Clare, from the mid 18th century. An agreement dated 1762 refers to Richard Brew of Donmore [Doonmore?] and to his deceased brother Tomkins Brew, who appears to have married Jane Chartres of Limerick. They had a son named Chartres Brew. This agreement concerned the lands of Moyarta. In 1782 Chartres Brew of Prospect married Rebecca daughter of Charles Adams of Killoe. Another Brew/Adams marriage took place in 1786 between Rebecca's sister Alice and Richard Brew of Tullycrine. By the first decade of the 19th century Chartres Brew was renting land from the Bloods of Applevale, Molonys of Cragg and the Bridgemans of Rathluby. In July 1860 258 acres of the estate of Chartres Brew at Toureen East and West, barony of Inchiquin, was advertised for sale in the Landed Estates' Court. By the time of Griffith's Valuation William Brew held land in the parishes of Killimer, barony of Clonderalaw and Kilrush, barony of Moyarta, while the representaives of Tomkins Brew held land in the parish of Kilnamona, barony of Inchiquin. Tomkins Brew was married to Jane Smith, half sister of Lady Charlotte O'Brien. In the 1870s William Brew of Leadmore, Kilrush owned 954 acres and Margaret Brew of Lisduff, Corofin, owned 291 acres in county Clare. Part of the lands of Newtown East (182 acres) the estate of Richard Brew of Newtown, parish and barony of Moyarta was advertised for sale in July 1867. On 14 December 1911, 395 acres the estate of Thomas F. Brew, deceased, were vested in the Congested Districts Board and a further 319 acres belonging to Michael S. Brew on 1 June 1915. For deeds concerning the Brew family, see
Moran (Willbrook) Austin Moran held almost 300 acres in the parishes of Killinaboy and Rath, barony of Inchiquin, county Clare, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. By the 1870s Thomas Moran of Willowbrook, Corrofin, owned 635 acres in the county. In 1906 Austin Moran medical doctor owned untenanted land at Cloonmore, rural district of Ennis.
Casey (Kilmurry) From the mid 18th century the Caseys held land in the parish of Kilmurry, barony of Ibrickan, county Clare, from the Marquess of Conyngham. Griffith's Valuation records Captain Francis Casey holding 8 townlands in the parish and one townland in the parish of Kilfarboy. The Caseys sublet Seafield Lodge and its surrounding acreage to the Brews. When Francis Casey died in 1860 the property reverted to the Marquess of Conyngham who later renewed the Brew lease. Weir writes that the Honourable James Joseph Casey was one of the best known members of the Casey family. He was born at Tromeroe in 1831 and became Australia's first Minister of Agriculture. Ninety acres of the farm and lands of Tromoroe and Quilty, parish of Kilmurry, barony of Ibrickan, the estate of James Casey, were advertised for sale in January 1866 and in February 1871. Members of the Casey family still owned small holdings of land at Quilty West in the 1870s. 92 acres belonging to Francis Casey were vested in the Congested Districts' Board on 31 March 1914.