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Browne (Newgrove) The Brownes were Elizabethan settlers. In 1765 Thomas Browne of Newgrove married Mary Wesby and had three sons, Edmund, William and Thomas. Edmund married Anne Hickman of Kilmore in 1798 and had a son and two daughters, one of whom, Mary, married Francis Gore. Their son died young and was succeeded by his uncle Thomas in 1813. The following year Thomas Browne married Elizabeth Comyn. They had no children and when Elizabeth died in 1864 the estate was inherited by Wyndham Brady, a grandson of Thomas's sister Mary who had married Henry Brady of Raheens. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Browne estate was centred on the parishes of Feakle and Tulla, barony of Tulla Upper, but the Brownes also had land in the parishes of Clooney, Inchicronan, Quin, in the barony of Bunratty Upper and in the parishes of Abbey and Oughtmama in the barony of Burren.
Brady/Brady Browne The Brady family in county Clare were descended from Hugh Brady, post-Reformation bishop of Meath. Luke Brady was resident in the Tomgraney locality of county Clare in the mid 17th century. In 1728 John Brady of Raheen married Mary Stacpoole. In the mid 18th century Henry Brady of Kilcornan, Ennistymon, married Mary Molony of Kiltanon. The Bradys of Williamstadt descend from a younger son of this marriage. In the late 18th century Mary Browne of Newgrove, parish of Tulla, barony of Tulla Upper, county Clare, married Henry Brady of Raheen, near Scarriff. They had four sons and two daughters. Their eldest son John Brady got into debt and in 1852 their second son the Reverend Thomas Brady sold the Raheen estate of 6,995 acres to John W. Harrison Moreland. Their fourth son was Luke Brady of Brookville who married Anne Wyndham McGrath Fitzgerald and they were the parents of Wyndham Brady and Thomas Browne Brady. When Mrs Elizabeth Browne died in 1864 the estate of the Browne family of Newgrove, passed to Wyndham the grandnephew of her husband Thomas Browne. He took the additional surname of Browne. In the 1870s Wyndham Browne of Newgrove owned 5,960 acres in county Clare. He died without heirs and was succeeded by his brother Thomas. Cartron House, parish of Abbey, barony of Burren was the summer residence of the Brady family. It was demolished at the end of the 19th century. Gerard Madden gives an extensive family history of the Brady family in his book on the history of Tuamgraney and Scariff.
Hickman (Kilmore) By his second marriage Gregory Hickman, merchant of Hamburgh, had three sons. The eldest, Walter, founded the Kilmore branch of the family. Walter Hickman of Kilmore, parish of Killimer, barony of Clonderalaw, county Clare, had a son Henry who married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Poole of Poole Hall, Devon. Henry and Margaret had three sons, Poole, Henry and William. Margaret Hickman died in 1707. A descendant of one of these sons, Poole Hickman of Kilmore, married Letitia Browne of New Grove. He was High Sheriff of county Clare in 1782. They had a son Poole (1783-1842) and three daughters Letitia, Anne (Browne) and Mary (O’Dwyer). Anne Hickman married her first cousin, Edmond Browne of New Grove, in 1798. In 1824, Mary Browne, daughter of Edmond and Anne Browne, married Francis Gore and their descendants eventually inherited the Hickman estate by the will of Anne’s brother, Poole Hickman, who died in 1842. He was succeeded by his sister, Letitia Hickman, who held an estate comprised of at least nine townlands in the parishes of Killimer and Kilmurry at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. The sale rental of the Kilmore estate dated January 1852 shows that the estate had been much larger, consisting of over 18 townlands and amounting to about 4,800 Irish acres. Marcus Keane bought about 1,000 acres of this estate at Enogh, barony of Moyarta. The Freeman's Journal provides details of the purchasers of other lots though the sale of some was adjourned due to insufficient bidding. Letitia Hickman died in 1861. The following website gives a history of the Hickman family and Kilmore House: