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Molony (Kiltanon)


Name Description
Croasdaile The Croasdaile family had acquired property in the parish of Kilconickny, barony of Dunkellin, county Galway through the marriage of Thomas Croasdaile and a member of the Waddington family of Cloghstoken/Cloghastookeen in the 17th century. This estate was part of the property of the Miller family of Milford, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo in the 19th century. The Croasdailes also bought land in the barony of Leitrim, county Galway, from the sale of part of the estate of Colonel John Browne of Westport, county Mayo at the end of the 17th century. Thomas Croasdaile of Cloghstoken also bought nearly 2,000 Irish acres in the barony of Tulla, county Clare in 1705 from Charles Boyle, 3rd Earl of Cork. He married Mercy Ringrose of Moynoe, Scarriff, county Clare and left a number of daughters as his heiresses.
Molony (Kiltanon) This family were established in county Clare from the early 17th century and the Kiltanon branch are descended from a younger son of the Molonys of Cragg. James Molony married Elizabeth, one of the daughters and co heiresses of Thomas Croasdaile of Cloghstoken, county Galway and his wife Mercy Ringrose of Moynoe, Scarriff. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Molony estate was comprised of 24 townlands in the parish of Tulla and nine townlands in the parish of Feakle, barony of Tulla Upper. They also held land in the parishes of Abbey and Oughtmama, barony of Burren. This estate of over 10,000 acres was in the possession of Major William Mills Molony of Kiltanon in the 1870s. The sale of over 5,000 acres of this estate to the Congested Districts' Board was agreed in 1909.
Molony (Cragg) The Molonys of Cragg, parish of Tulla, county Clare, share a common ancestry with the Molonys of nearby Kiltanon. At the time of Griffith's Valuation their estate. was in the parish of Tulla. In the 1870s Patrick John Molony of Cragg owned 618 acres in county Clare. He died in 1901 and left an only daughter Alice. Two of his younger brothers emigrated to Australia. An uncle of these brothers was possibly James Molony of Ennis who owned with Kate Greene 1,209 acres in county Clare in the 1870s.