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Studdert (Bunratty) The Reverend George Studdert, rector of Kilpeacon and Rathkeale, county Limerick, was the son of George Studdert who was granted lands in counties Limerick and Kerry in the 17th century. The Reverend George married Millicent daughter of George Rose of Morgans and Mount Prospect, county Limerick and their sons were the ancestors of the various familes of Studderts of counties Clare and Limerick. From Thomas their eldest son descend the Studderts of Bunratty. Henry 8th and last Earl of Thomond sold Bunratty castle, county Clare and 472 acres to Thomas Amory in 1712 for £225 and an annual rent of £120. Amory sold the Castle to Thomas Studdert who took up residence circa 1720. The Studderts later built a house in the grounds of the demesne and castle was abandoned. The castle ruin was purchased by the 7th Viscount Gort in 1956. He restored it with assistance from state agencies and opened it to the public in 1960. In 1778 Thomas Studdert of Bunratty married Anne Fitzgerald of Shepperton and had six sons and three daughters. His fourth son Charles Fitzgerald Studdert resided at Newmarket House, Newmarket-on-Fergus. Charles F. Studdert was married to Maria Wogan, a niece of Thomas Steele. She inherited Cullane House, Kilkishen, from her uncle, which became the home of their eldest son Robert Wogan Studdert. At the time of Griffith's Valuation R.W. Studdert held 5 townlands from the Bishop of Limerick in the parish of Mungret, barony of Pubblebrien, county Limerick. In the 1870s Robert Wogan Studdert of Cullane owned 386 acres in county Clare and 218 acres in county Limerick. Richard Studdert of Bunratty owned over 400 acres in county Clare in the 1870s. Thomas Studdert of Bunratty owned over 600 acres in county Kerry in the 1870s, mostly in the parish of Kilfeighny, barony of Clanmaurice. This land was owned by Joseph and Maurice Studdart at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The rental of this land was offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court in July 1865. The sale notice indicates it was on lease from the Palmer estate. Lewis mentions a property called Braeside Cottage, the seat of Hugh Studdart, in 1837.
Steele (Cullane) A family originally from Somerset, who settled in county Clare in the early 18th century and acquired lands there. Tom Steele, known as "Honest Tom" was born at Derrymore, county Clare in 1788. His father was William Steele and his mother Catherine Bridgeman. He inherited Cullane from his uncle Tom Steele in 1821. Craggaunowen Castle was on the Steele estate. Although a Protestant he was a great supporter of Daniel O'Connell and Catholic Emancipation. He died in 1848 and Cullane was inherited by his niece Maria Studdert.
Gabbett (Co Clare) The Gabbetts of Castle Lake, Corbally and Shepperton, county Clare were a junior branch of the Gabbetts of County Limerick. They intermarried with the Westropps of Fort Anne and with the Studderts of Bunratty. In the early 19th century three sons of of Thomas Gabbett of Castlelake were resident in county Clare, Reverend Robert of Castlelake, Poole of Corbally and John of Shepperton. John Studdert Gabbett of Castlelake, parish of Kilfinaghta, barony of Bunratty Lower, owned 469 acres in county Clare in the 1870s, while his cousin Windham Gabbett of Mount Rivers, Newport, county Tipperary, owned 1,066 acres in county Clare, 341 acres in county Limerick and 103 acres in county Tipperary.
Walsh/Welsh (Newtown) Weir writes that this family were transplanted from county Kilkenny to county Clare in the 17th century. Andrew Walsh was residing at Newtown, Clonlara, county Clare at the end of the 18th century. The Walshs continued to live at Newtown throughout the 19th century. Anne Walsh of Newtown, daughter of the Reverend Richard Walsh, married John Fitzgerald Studdert, a younger son of Thomas Studdert of Bunratty. In fact the Studderts and Welshs were very inter related as the Reverend Richard Welsh and Andrew Welsh had married female members of the Studdert family. In April 1869 the lands of Trough (362 acres), the estate of Andrew Fitzwilliam Welsh were advertised for sale. This land was held on a fee farm grant dated 1853 from John Carroll to William Welsh, the owner's father. William Welsh had married Mary daughter of Thomas Going and died in 1867. In the 1870s various Walsh/Welsh family members owned land in county Clare, the Reverend Robert Walsh of Dublin had 1276 acres, Captain Walsh 12 acres and Miss Walsh of Limerick owned 736 acres, while Andrew Walsh of Newtown had 176 acres and Marcus Welsh of Sragh House, Kilrush owned 664 acres. Marcus F. Walsh sold 550 acres to the Congested Districts' Board in February 1914.
Studdert (Elm Hill) Maurice Studdert of Elm Hill, Rathkeale, county Limerick, was the fourth son of the Reverend George Studdert of Ardlaman, county Limerick. His grandson, Ion Studdert of Elm Hill, owned an estate in the parishes of Kilscannell and Rathkeale, barony of Connello Lower and Ardagh, barony of Shanid in the mid 19th century. This estate of about 1,500 acres was advertised for sale in June 1855. In the 1870s the estate of his son George amounted to 423 acres. The estate (91 acres) of three of the sons of Joseph Studdert of Woodlawn situated at Knockaunavad, barony of Connello Lower, county Limerick, was advertised for sale in May 1874. Elm Hill was advertised for sale in June 1877 and again in January 1884.
Studdert (Pella) In 1830 John Fitzgerald Studdert of Pella, county Clare, married Anne, daughter of Reverend Richard Welsh of Newtown, county Clare. His second son, Richard Augustine FitzGerald Studdent, lived at Pella in the late 1860s and his third son, John FitzGerald Studdert of Lochnavar, Sragh, parish of Killard, owned 818 acres in the county in the 1870s.