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Name Description
D'Esterre A French Hugenot family, who came to Ireland via Holland in the late 17th century and were granted land by the Earl of Thomond. The D’Esterres lived at Rossmanagher near Sixmilebridge, barony of Bunratty Lower, county Clare, during the 18th and 19th centuries. They bought some of the Mount Ievers estate in the mid 1850s. Their county Clare estate amounted to 2,833 acres and their county Limerick estate to 314 acres in the 1870s. Henry Vassall D’Esterre of Rossmanagher was the eldest son of Robert Kerr D’Esterre. H.V. D’Esterre was born in 1840 and married Mary Elizabeth Sandes of Mount Pleasant, county Limerick in 1867. Their eldest son, Henry William D’Esterre, was a captain in the Munster Fusiliers at the beginning of the 20th century. The estate was sold to the Land Commission in the 1910s. Weir records some of the more colourful sides to this family’s history in his book on county Clare houses.