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England (Ennis)


Name Description
England Members of the England family appear in the records of county Clare from the late 17th century and they may well have been agents or factors for the O'Briens of Dromoland during the 18th century. David England was a freeman of the town of Ennis in 1697 and this family name is closely associated with the town. Frost speculates that Richard and David England may have been attorneys in Ennis because of the number of petitions to the Court of Claims to which their signatures are attached as witnesses. David England had two sons Patrick Richard and Joseph. Two properties very close to the town of Ennis, Lifford and Cahircalla More, were leased to the Englands in the early years of the 18th century. Patrick Richard England of Lifford, who died in 1785, married Margaret, daughter of Poole Hickman and they were the parents of Sir Richard England (c 1750-1812) of Lifford, a British soldier who served with distinction in the American campaigns from 1775-1781 and was at one time commandant of Detroit, Michigan. His son, Sir Richard England (1793-1883), was born in Detroit, joined the British army and in recognition of his services in the Crimean war was made a lieutenant general in 1855. Joseph England of Cahircalla married Margaret McMahon and their descendant David Arthur England was resident at Cahircalla in 1814. This family's association with county Clare appears to have dimished thereafter and it is not clear if they ever owned much land but they intermarried with a number of land owning families such as the Hickmans, McMahons, Gabbetts and O'Briens. see
Young (Shallee) From the mid 18th century the Youngs were resident in the Shallee locality, parish of Killoscully, barony of Owney and Arra, county Tipperary. In 1792 William Young married Abigail England of Ennis, county Clare. They had a number of sons including Francis E. Young who was resident at Shallee at the time of Griffith's Valuation. His brother David E. Young held land in the parish of Ballygibbon, barony of Upper Ormond, county Tipperary. This family also had land at Lismakeery, parish of Rathkeale, county Limerick. Robert Young of Clonsingle, Newport, county Tipperary, held land in the parish of Kilvellane, barony of Owney and Arra and owned 287 acres in the 1870s. see