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Cullinan (Ennis)


Name Description
Cullinan (Ennis) Members of the Cullinan family were resident in the parish of Drumcliff, barony of Islands, county Clare in the mid 19th century. Some family members such as John F. Cullinan and his father Michael Cullinan were solicitors in the town of Ennis and Patrick Maxwell Cullinan was a medical doctor of Harmony House, Ennis. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation Dr P.M. Cullinan held land in the parish of Kilchreest, barony of Clonderalaw, while Michael Cullinan held six townlands in the parish of Feakle, barony of Tulla Upper. He is recorded as owning 966 acres in the 1870s. His son Frederick FitzJames Cullinan was knighted in 1897. In 1864, 36 acres at Porsoon, Ennis, were sold to Mr Cullinan by Marianne Stamer for £450. John F. Cullinan of Riverview, Ennis owned over 2,000 acres in county Clare in the 1870s. Thady Cullinan of Shanvogh, parish of Drumcliff, barony of Islands, applied for registration as a freeholder in 1829 and Timothy Cullinan lived at Shanvoy in the 1850s and held 545 acres. There is a Cullinan vault containing many inscriptions in the Drumcliff cemetery.