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Morony (Milltown Malbay)


Name Description
Morony (Milltown Malbay) The Moronys of Miltown Malbay, barony of Ibrickan, county Clare, share a common ancestry with the Morony family of Odell Ville, county Limerick. Piers O’Morony of Cloonenagh, county Clare and his wife Margaret Creagh lived in the late 17th century. Their grandson Thomas Morony of Miltown Malbay and of Kilmacduane was a barrister and died in 1750. His eldest son Edmond married firstly Anne Westropp of Lismehan (Maryfort) from who descend the Miltown Malbay branch and secondly Blanche Vincent of Limerick from whom descend the Odell Ville branch of the family. Thomas J. Morony son of Edmond and Anne built the house at Miltown Malbay in 1782 and developed the town. He founded the Atlantic Hotel and spa with six other investors. In 1776 he married Frances daughter of Edmund Morony of Cork and his wife Frances Goold. Thomas Morony died in 1832. His second son Thomas H. Morony married Anne Burdett and their son Burdett Morony was living at Miltown Malbay at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. Burdett Morony held five townlands in the parish of Kilfarboy, barony of Ibrickan at this time, including most of the town of Miltown Malbay. Francis Goold Morony was a younger brother of Thomas H. Moroney. He held six townlands in the parish of Kilfarboy and also land in the parish of Kilmurry. In the 1870s Ellen L. Morony of Miltown House, Burdett’s widow, owned 1,904 acres in county Clare. Francis Goold Morony of Seaview, Miltown Malbay, owned 1,699 acres in the county and Edward Morony of Wellington, Milton Malbay owned 671 acres. Both Seaview and Wellington were leased from Burdett Morony in the mid 19th century. Colonel B.E. Morony sold over 1,700 acres to the Congested Districts' Board in March 1915.
Morony (Ballyclogh) Edmond Morony of Ballyclogh, county Limerick, was the eldest son of the second marriage of his father Edmond Morony of Milltown Malbay, county Clare. His grandson also named Edmond, married Helena Mary Odell of Odell Ville, county Limerick. In the 1870s Edmond Moroney of Odell Ville, owned 267 acres in county Limerick. In 1945 Helen Lucia Locke Lloyd of Heathfield, county Limerick, a granddaughter of Edmond Morony, married Michael Allot of Dublin and they ran a dairy farm at Odell Ville during the second half of the 20th century. Following Helen's death in 2008 the house was advertised for sale.