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Macnamara (Doolin) This branch of the Macnamara family was established in the barony of Burren, north county Clare, at the beginning of the 18th century by Bartholomew Macnamara, born 1685. Bartholomew’s eldest son ,William Macnamara, settled at Doolin, parish of Killilagh, in the neighbouring barony of Corcomroe, following his marriage to Catherine, daughter and heiress of Francis Sarsfield of Doolin. John Sarsfield was granted over 1,400 acres including Doolin in 1679/80. Later generations of the Mcnamaras married members of the Stamer and Finucane families so that by the time of Griffith’s Valuation Captain Francis Macnamara of Doolin had a large estate in the baronies of Burren and Corcomroe, mainly concentrated in the parishes of Carran (Burren) and Killilagh, Kilmacrehy and Kilmanaheen (Corcomroe), including the town of Ennistymon. In the 1870s the estate of his two sons, Henry Valentine and William James Macnamara, amounted to 15,246 acres and their great uncle, Admiral Sir Burton Macnamara of Tromra House, owned 732 acres in the county. This county Clare family owned a house on about 20 acres near the town of Galway from the early 19th century. In the 1870s the representatives of Major MacNamara of county Clare owned 19 acres in county Galway. Ennistymon House became Macnamara property as a result of the marriage in 1798 of William Nugent Macnamara and Susannah Finucane. Susannah was a daughter of Anne O’Brien of the Ennistymon family. This Macnamara family has now died out in the male line but the 20th century female members included an author and Caitlin, the wife of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. The house at Doolin was burnt in the 1920s. The Stacpoole Kenny collection in the National Library of Ireland contains records relating to John Macnamara of Moher, a younger brother of William Nugent Macnamara and to his wife, Louisa Macnamara of Rock Lodge. John Barrymore Macnamara may have been his son. Some lands owned by John McNamara close to Fanore were sold in the Encumbered Estates Court in 1856. They were purchased in trust by Mr. Clay.
Calcutt In the early 19th century William Calcutt married Dora Macnamara of the Doolin, county Clare family and appears to have received some land in the parish of Killilagh as part of her dowry. Their son Francis Macnamara Calcutt held 6 townlands in the parish at the time of Griffith's Valuation and was residing at St Catherines. He was elected Member of Parliament for county Clare in 1857 and died in 1863. His widow married James O'Brien of neighbouring Ballynalacken Castle. Over 1,500 acres of Calcutt's estate was advertised for sale in December 1856 with 43 acres in county Limerick and premises in the town of Mountrath, Queen's county [county Laois].
Cullinan (Ennis) Members of the Cullinan family were resident in the parish of Drumcliff, barony of Islands, county Clare in the mid 19th century. Some family members such as John F. Cullinan and his father Michael Cullinan were solicitors in the town of Ennis and Patrick Maxwell Cullinan was a medical doctor of Harmony House, Ennis. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation Dr P.M. Cullinan held land in the parish of Kilchreest, barony of Clonderalaw, while Michael Cullinan held six townlands in the parish of Feakle, barony of Tulla Upper. He is recorded as owning 966 acres in the 1870s. His son Frederick FitzJames Cullinan was knighted in 1897. In 1864, 36 acres at Porsoon, Ennis, were sold to Mr Cullinan by Marianne Stamer for £450. John F. Cullinan of Riverview, Ennis owned over 2,000 acres in county Clare in the 1870s. Thady Cullinan of Shanvogh, parish of Drumcliff, barony of Islands, applied for registration as a freeholder in 1829 and Timothy Cullinan lived at Shanvoy in the 1850s and held 545 acres. There is a Cullinan vault containing many inscriptions in the Drumcliff cemetery.
O'Brien (Ennistymon) This branch of the O'Briens were descended from Sir Donnagh O'Brien of Duagh of Elizabethan times. In 1682 Donnogh O'Bryen of Dough, county Clare, was granted lands in the baronies of Corcomroe, Burren and Inchiquin, amounting to over 5,000 acres. Edward O'Brien of Ennistymon, county Clare, married Susanna daughter of Henry O'Brien of Balliclogh and had a son Christopher who had 4 sons all of whom died without heirs. Christopher's sister Anne married the Honourable Matthias Finucane and their daughter Susanna married William Macnamara of Doolin. The Ballycorick estate, 2081 acres in the barony of Island, of Christopher O'Brien the elder , Christopher O'Brien the younger, and their trustees Thomas Blair Hutheaite and Patrick David Jeffers, was offered for sale in July 1853.
Finucane (Lifford) Andrew Finucane born 1680 was the third son of Daniel Finucane and Helena O'Shaughnessy of Ballynacraggy, county Clare. Mott writes that the Honourable Mathias Finucane, Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, was the son of this Andrew. Mathias Finucane (1738-1814) married Ann daughter of Edward O'Brien of Ennistymon House. They were divorced in 1793 and she married his cousin Captain Donat Finucane. Ennistymon House eventually passed to the descendants Mathias and Ann Finucane's daughter Susanna who had married William Nugent Macnamara of Doolin. Susanna's had a brother Andrew who did not marry. Their other sister Jane married in 1800 her cousin James Finucane of the Ballynacraggy family.