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Fitzgerald (Kilcarragh & Adelphi)


Name Description
Fitzgerald (Kilcarragh & Adelphi) This family was established at Kilcarragh, parish of Kilfenora, barony of Corcomroe, county Clare in the early 18th century. In 1783 William Fitzgerald of Kilcarragh married Anne Powell of Cloverville, county Limerick and they had two sons. The eldest, Francis John Fitzgerald, lived at Adelphi, [near Ennis] and died unmarried in 1854. He was succeeded by his brother, William Fitzgerald of Adelphi and Inchoveagh, parish of Kiltoraght. In the mid 19th century the Fitzgerald estate was mainly in the parishes of Kilfenora and Kiltoraght, barony of Corcomroe, Killonaghan, Oughtmama and Kilmoon, barony of Burren and Kilrush, barony of Moyarta. William Fitzgerald died in 1872 and the estate passed to his grandson, William Henry Wilson, who assumed the additional surname of Fitzgerald in accordance with his grandfather’s will. In the 1870s William Henry Wilson-Fitzgerald owned over 9,000 acres in county Clare. He lived at Cliffe Hall, Darlington, Durham in the north of England. His aunt, Mary Fitzgerald, married Sir Lucius O’Brien 5th baronet in 1837.