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Gabbett (Co Galway)


Name Description
Gabbett (Co Galway) In the 1850s Edward Gabbett held the townland of Manuslynn, parish of Kilcoona, barony of Clare, county Galway. Mrs R. Gabbit of Grey Abbey, county Down, still owned this townland of 537 acres in the 1870s. Matthew R. Gabbett is also recorded as the owner of 537 acres in county Galway. These Gabbetts were a branch of the Gabbett family of Caherline, county Limerick. Matthew Richard Gabbett of Ballybrood, parish of Ballybrood, county Limerick, married Angel Atkinson and they had a son Joseph Edward Gabbett, Indian Civil Service. Matthew Richard Gabbett also had a brother and a nephew named Edward.