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Jones (Rosebank)


Name Description
Jones (Rosebank) In the 1870s William Milward Jones of Rosebank, Rathfarnham, county Dublin, owned 707 acres in county Mayo, 338 acres in county Antrim and 145 acres in county Dublin. He was the second son of Philip Jones of Bolton Hall, Rathfarnham, county Dublin and his wife Sarah Rebecca and was described in the census of 1911 as a Justice of the Peace and a retired solicitor. William Milward Jones was born in 1831 and died in 1911 and is buried at Mount Jerome. He married Margaret Walton in 1856. She died in 1899 and he married again in 1902. William Milward Jones had a brother the Reverend J. Ireland Jones, a church missionary and a sister Rose who married John Algie of Lisduff House, county Galway. The report of Rose's wedding in the Freeman's Journal of 12 January 1864 describes her as the niece of John Jones ex High Sheriff of Dublin and granddaughter of James Ferguson FRS, Astronomical Examiner to the East India Company. (There was also another William Milward Jones, 1846-1909, a land agent, who was the second son of John Hawtrey Jones of Mullinabro, county Kilkenny and his wife Annie, daughter of William Milward of Waterford). John H. Jones was a lessor in the parish of Kilculiheen, county Waterford, at the time of Griffith's Valuation.
Algie In January 1864 'The Freeman's Journal' recorded the marriage of Rose, daughter of Philip Jones of Bolton Hall, Rathfarnham, county Dublin, and John Algie of Lisduff House, county Galway. Over 250 acres at Lisduff in the barony of Longford, county Galway, the property of John Phillip Algie, a minor and his mother Rose Whytinge Algie, were offered for sale in the Land Judges court in June 1879. This property was leased by Henry Brush, of Gill Hall, county Down to John Algie in 1861 forever at an annual rent of £400. The Kelly and Browne families also seem to have had an interest in the Lisduff property.