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Mahon (Cavetown)


A branch of the Mahons of Strokestown.


Name Description
Mahon (Cavetown) The Mahons of Cavetown, county Roscommon, were descended from Peter Mahon, the fourth son of Nicholas Mahon of Strokestown. Peter became Dean of Elphin in 1722. This family also had property at Templeoge, county Dublin. By 1830 when the estate was put up for sale it was comprised of the lands of Laragh and Ross in fee, Crieve held from the See of Elphin and Cavetown held on a lease for 3 lives renewable for ever. Cavetown was in the possession of Guy Lloyd of Croghan by the late 1830s. Arthur Irwin Mahon advertised for sale the lands of Laragh and Ross in May 1856. The 737 acres were all held by Patrick O'Connor on a lease from Arthur I. Mahon for 3 lives or 61 years, dated 3rd March 1853. The lands adjoined the demesne of Dundermot, residence of Patrick O'Connor.