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Irwin (Leabeg & Beechwood)


Irwin family of Leabeg, barony of Ballymoe, county Roscommon.


Name Description
Irwin (Beechwood) Christopher Irwin of Newtown and Leabeg, barony of Ballymoe, county Roscommon was a younger brother of John Irwin ancestor of the Irwins of Rathmoyle and Fernhall. In 1749 John Irwin was farming at Oran; Patt Duigonan was described as an agent of Newtown; John Irwin, a gentleman, lived at Leabeg and James Irwin son and heir of Christopher Irwin of Newtown was living at Rocksborough in the parish of Kilbride. In the 1850s Daniel H. Irwin, held an estate in the parishes of Killinvoy and Kilmeane, barony of Athlone, and in the parish of Drumatemple, barony of Ballymoe, county Roscommon. He was an nephew and one of the heirs of John Ferrall. On 26 Nov 1856 Daniel H. Irwin of Beechwood, county Roscommon, married Clarinda, daughter of Leonard Hodson of Hodson's Bay. Over 1,200 acres in the baronies of Athlone and Ballymoe belonging to Irwin were advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court in June 1858. A further 596 acres in the baronies of Castlerea and Ballymoe were offered for sale in June 1862. James Nolan Irwin of Beechwood owned 1,849 acres in county Roscommon in the 1870s.
Ferrall (Co Roscommon) In the early 19th century John Farrell or Ferrall acquired large tracts of land mainly in county Roscommon, including the Ormsby's Grange estate, parish of Kilbride, barony of Ballintober South and land belonging to the Lysters in the parish of Cam, barony of Athlone. John Ferrall died in 1823 and was succeeded by his nephew, Daniel Henry Ferrall. In 1828 Daniel Farrell was a member of the Grand Panel of county Roscommon. At the time of the first Ordnance Survey Mr Kincaid of Dublin was agent to some of Daniel Farrell's estate. Desmond Norton's book refers to letters concerning the administration of D.H. Ferrall's estates during the Famine period by Stewart and Kincaid, land agents. Joseph Kincaid held two townlands in the parish of Kilcooley, barony of Roscommon at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Daniel H. Ferrall died in 1853 and was succeeded by his four sisters and their descendants, the Nolan, Taaffe, Conmee and Irwin families. By the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of Daniel Ferrall held land in the parishes of Cam and Kiltoom, barony of Athlone, Kilcolagh, barony of Frenchpark, Baslick, barony of Castlereagh, Cloonygormican, barony of Ballymoe, Kilglass, barony of Ballintober North, Kilteevan, Kilbride and Roscommon, barony of Ballintober South, Killukin, barony of Boyle and Bumlin, Kilcooley, Ogulla, barony of Roscommon. In June 1859 over 10,000 acres in counties Sligo and Roscommon, belonging to Louisa Bridget Taaffe, wife of Edmond Taaffe, Henry Taaffe Ferrall and John Nolan Ferrall, were advertised for sale. Lands in the barony of Corran, county Sligo, the property of John Ferrall, were offered for sale in December 1859. Unsold parts of the county Roscommon estate were advertised for sale again on 24 June 1862 and again in February 1863. Over 1,200 acres of the same estate in the barony of Castlereagh were offered for sale in May 1867 and 1,800 acres of the Frenchpark part of the estate in April 1868 and February 1869. Again in July 1875 over 900 acres of the Ferrall estate in the barony of Frenchpark was advertised for sale. In the 1870s Major Henry Taaffe Ferrall of Moylurg, Boyle, owned 5,140 acres in county Roscommon. In 1906 Beechwood was occupied by Clare M. Nolan who also held untenanted lands mainly in the parish of Kilteevan, barony of Ballintober South. Over 1,200 acres belonging to Clare M. Nolan were vested in the Congested Districts' Board on 25 June 1912.
Browne (Newtown) Arthur Browne, a younger son of John Browne of Westport 1st Earl of Altamont was given an estate in county Roscommon purchased by his father circa 1770s from Christopher Irwin [of Newtown, Leabeg and Oran]. Arthur's grandson another Arthur Browne of Newtown, county Roscommon, held land in the parishes of Cloonygormican and Oran, barony of Ballymoe at the time of Griffith's Valutation. In 1828 he was a member of the Grand Panel of county Roscommon. Part of Newtown was held by the Very Reverend Henry Montague Browne, Dean of Lismore, a son of the 2nd Lord Kilmaine. The lands of Newtown were advertised for sale in June 1857 by Arthur Browne and Elizabeth Dowton. In the 1870s Ellen C. Browne of Clontarf, county Dublin, sister of Arthur Browne, owned 338 acres in county Roscommon and the Very Reverend Dean Browne of Kilkenny owned 360 acres.