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Captain Theobald Sheil had 2 nephews Hugh William Sheil died 1857 and John H. Sheil died 1859.


Name Description
Sheil Captain Theobald Sheil held an estate on lease in the parish of Drum, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon, from at least the 1830s to the 1850s, mainly from the Bermingham family, but also from Potts and Hussey Walsh families. He died in 1855 and by the early 1860s his estate was in the possession of the Hussey Walshes.
Bermingham (Drum) Andrew Bermingham of Kilfylan, county Offaly, married Cathereine Moore of the parish of Drum, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon, in 1713 and by this marriage the Berminghams became entitled to a quarter share of the Moore estate following the death of Catherine's brother John in 1723. In 1761 the Moore estate was officially divided and the Bermingham quarter consisting of Crannagh More, Keelty, part of Carrickynaghtan and Carrickynaghtan and Garrynagowna Bog, Inchinalee, was administered by William Walsh in the later part of the 18th century. For most of the early to mid 19th century the Bermingham lands were leased to Captain Theobald Sheil. William Sheil was a trustee of the marriage settlement of William Bermingham and Clarinda Fallon of Cloonagh, county Roscommon in 1791. From the 1860s the Bermingham lands were in the possession of William Hussey Walsh but reverted to Andrew Bermingham at the time of the sales of the Hussey Walsh estate in the 1870s and 1880s. In the 1870s Andrew William Birmingham of Kilfylan owned 750 acres in county Roscommon and 672 acres in King's county (county Offaly). The estate was advertised for sale in 1891 and sold to the tenants in 1903.