Landed Estates
NUI Galway

French (Brooklodge)


A branch of the Tyrone family.


Name Description
Blake (Ballyglunin) In ''Blake Family Records'' Martin J. Blake states that Martin Blake of Cummer, county Galway, purchased Ballyglunin from Charles Holcraft, the grantee under the Cromwellian settlement and that he was confirmed in his possession of 1,895 acres in the barony of Clare by patent dated 26 July 1677. By the mid 19th century the Blake estate was in the parishes of Kilmoylan, Belclare, Killererin, Annaghdown and Tuam, barony of Clare, in the parish of Abbeyknockmoy, barony of Tiaquin and in the parish of Rahoon, barony of Galway. In the 1870s the Blakes owned over 10,000 acres in the locality. By March 1916 the Blakes had accepted a final offer of over £60,000 from the Congested Districts' Board for almost 9,800 acres of their estate. The early generations intermarried a number of times with members of the Joyce family. John Blake, a younger son of Martin Blake and his wife Bridget Joyce, married Olivia French of Brooklodge in 1803. However the sale rental of Brooklodge and other property in the county of the town of Galway belonging to Walter Martin Blake dated 1867 indicates that Martin J. Blake bought the lease of Brooklodge for £10,000, rather than inheriting it. The property in the town of Galway was purchased by Messers. Browne, Higgins, O'Flaherty and West.
French (Brooklodge) At least two generations of Frenches, a junior branch of the Frenches of Tyrone, lived on the Brooklodge estate in the late 18th century. It was held on a lease dated 1775 from Ambrose Deane to Christopher French. The lease was bought from the Frenches by Thomas Hynes in 1808 and sold on in 1813 to the Blakes of Ballyglunin, with whom the Frenches had intermarried.
French (Tyrone) Jeffrey French was granted various lands in counties Mayo, Galway, Roscommon and Clare by patent dated 10 Aug 1678. His brother Arthur French of Tyrone, county Galway, Mayor of Galway 1691, had 2 sons Christopher from whom descend the French/St George family of Tyrone and Arthur ancestor of the French family of Cloonyquin, parish of Elphin, barony of Roscommon, county Roscommon. Patrick French of Brook Lodge, parish of Killererin, barony of Clare, county Galway, was a younger son of Christopher of Tyrone. Burke writes that Arthur French, Christopher's heir was involved in a case in the House of Lords 1764-1765 French v Caddell. In 1736 he married Olivia Usher sister of St George Usher St George of Headford, county Galway, created Baron St George of Hatley St George. Their son Christopher assumed the surname St George in 1774 in compliance with his great grandfather's will.