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Blake (Drum, Tully & Gortnamona)

In his genealogy of the Blakes of Drum, Tully and Gortnamona, Martin J. Blake refers to a grant dated 22 Aug 1677 of the lands of Drum and others in the barony of Moycullen, county Galway, to Walter Blake. A descendant, Patrick Blake of Drum, was Mayor of Galway in 1771 and his eldest son, Valentine, married Anne Burke of Gortnamona, near Ballinasloe. About 500 acres belonging to the Blakes, devisees of Nicholas A. Burke, in the baronies of Leitrim, Longford and Clonmacnowen, were advertised for sale in July 1853. This family of Blakes owned a large estate in the parishes of Killannin, Kilcummin and Moycullen, barony of Moycullen, county Galway, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. In the 1870s Valentine [Fitzpatrick] Blake of Gortnamona is recorded as the owner of 17,335 acres in county Galway though Walford notes that he had died in 1870 and his son, Valentine Blake, born in 1868, was a Ward in Chancery.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Blake's Lodge Cartron Killannin Galway Kilcummin 59 Moycullen Galway OSI Ref: M001 213
OS Sheet: 91
Discovery map: 45
Cashel House Inveran Killannin Galway Kilcummin 59 Moycullen Galway OSI Ref: M015 211
OS Sheet: 91
Discovery map: 45
Gortnamona Gortnamona Clontuskert Ballinasloe Clontuskert 12 Clonmacnowen Galway OSI Ref: M838219
OS Sheet: 99
Discovery map: 47

Archival sources

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  • Encumbered Estates’ Court Rentals (Burke), Blake & Brown, 15 July 1853, Vol 17; National Library of Ireland
  • Gortnamona. Photographs. 024/075.; Irish Architectural Archive

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources