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Duncan (Kylemore)

At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Reverend Joseph Duncan owned 2 townlands containing 1913 acres in the parish of Ballynakill, barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway. He also had a lease from the D'Arcys of over 300 acres of the townland of Kylemore for 999 years, dated 11 April 1842 and had built a hotel by the time of Griffith's Valuation. The D'Arcy sale rental for the Kylemore estate dated 13 July 1852 contains 2 small lithographs, one of which features Kylemore lake and hotel. Kylemore appears to have been bought by a banking consortium of John William Burmester, Farmery John Law and James Sadlier and was offered for sale again in May 1859. The sale rental refers to the Reverend Duncan who had built a handsome residence and had converted it into an excellent hotel "in consequence of the great influx of tourists". Kylemore was probably purchased by Benjamin Lee Guinness at this time.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Kylemore House Kylemore Ballynakill Clifden Cushkillary 30 Ballynahinch Mayo OSI Ref: L782 586
OS Sheet: 24
Discovery map: 37

Archival sources

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  • Landed Estates’ Court Rentals (O’Brien), Burmester, Law & Sadlier, 3 May 1859, Vol 55, MRGS 39/028, (microfilm copy in NUIG); National Archives of Ireland
  • Lease by Andrew Armstrong of Bray, Co Wicklow to Alexander Taylor of Bernanagh, Co Galway, of a hotel and lands at Kylemore, 4 Sept 1866. D. 11,092; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources