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Keppel (Albemarle, Earls of)

The Earls of Albemarle held over 2500 acres in Leitrim in 1876. George Thomas Keppel, later Lord Albemarle, served as High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1838. The 4th Earl of Albemarle was married to Elizabeth Southwell, daughter of Baron de Clifford, a family who also held lands in Leitrim and it was through this marriage that the Keppel family acquired their Leitrim estates. William Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle, also had some land in county Limerick, which came into the family through the marriage of the 2nd Earl of Albemarle and the daughter of the 1st Duke of Richmond in 1723. The trustees of the 4th Earl's estate advertised for sale 608 acres at Castleroberts in the barony of Coshma, county Limerick, in May 1858.

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