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Henry Cuniffe of Kiltolla, Co Galway, owned extensive sugar plantations on the island of Jamaica in the second half of the 18th century. He founded the town of Martha Brae there in 1762 and was a member of the Assembly for St James in 1768. In 1799 he sold his Jamaican estates to the Tharp family. He also held land in Co Galway, including Fahymactibbot in the parish of Killeeneen and Dunkellin in the parish of Killely, near Kilcolgan. Melvin writes that an estate at Cappagh in the parish of Kilkerrin inherited by the Brownes of Westport from Denis Kelly of Lisduff was sold in 1799 to Henry Cunniffe 'who bequeathed a perpetual lease to the Beytagh family', which is documented in Cuniffe's will of 1803. Cuniffe's two granddaughters, Henrietta and Martha Bingham, were his heiresses and married Martin Darcy of Houndswood, Co Mayo and Henry Kirwan of the Castlehacket family. Their grandfather's will led to much litigation.

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Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources