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The Jocelyn family held land in county Tipperary in the mid 18th century. Robert Jocelyn was the Lord High Chancellor of Ireland in 1739. He was raised to the peerage as Baron Newport in 1743 and became Viscount Jocelyn in 1755. His son also named Robert was created Earl of Roden of High Roding, county Tipperary in 1771. The Earl's Irish estates were valued at £5,000 in the mid 1770s (Kilboy Papers). In 1752 Robert had married Anne Hamilton, daughter of the 1st Earl of Clanbrassill. When her brother died in 1798 his estates in counties Louth and Down passed to his sister Lady Roden and her heirs. In the early 19th century an Act was passed for the sale of parts of the estates of the Earl of Roden. His county Tipperary property appears to have been sold at this time. Papers concerning the Dundalk estate of the Earls of Roden are in the National Library of Ireland, Louth County Library and in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. In 1841 the Ordnance Survey Name Books record the tradition of an area of ground known as "The Lord's Park", in the townland of Redwood, parish of Dorrha, county Tipperary. It was allegedly so called from" Lord "Ioselyne" who originally held the land and built stables where he kept racing horses" The present Earl lives at Cashel, county Galway.

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Archival sources

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