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The Lidwells were established in county Tipperary from the mid 18th century. In 1826 Frederick Lidwell married Christinia, daughter of William Hutchinson of Timoney, county Tipperary. The Lidwill estate was mainly in the parish of Killavinoge, barony of Ikerrin but they also had land in the parish of Holycross, barony of Eliogarty. This family were still resident at Dromard in the 1970s. A junior branch of the family held properties at Clonmore and Cormackstown, barony of Eliogarty, county Tipperary, following a marriage in 1736 between Thomas Lidwell and Jemima, daughter and heiress of Mark Cowley of Clonmore and Cormackstown. Cormackstown (609 acres) was advertised for sale in July 1852 and Dromard (641 acres) in February 1854. Dromard was held on a lease from George Mathew to Robert Lidwell dated 17 October 1709. Clonmore (1201 acres) was advertised for sale in May 1858. George Lidwell of Dromard owned 1,345 acres in county Tipperary and 267 acres in Queen's County (county Laois) in the 1870s.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Castlelake Cottage Castlelake Relickmurry & Athassel Cashel Cashel Rural Middlethird Tipperary OSI Ref: S039 405
OS Sheet: 60
Discovery map: 66
Dromard Dromardbeg Killavinoge Roscrea Killavinoge 117 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S174 770
OS Sheet: 24
Discovery map: 60
Beakstown House Beakstown Holycross Thurles Holycross 128 Eliogarty Tipperary OSI Ref: S091554
OS Sheet: 47
Discovery map: 66

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources