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Joseph Cuffe, a Cromwellian soldier, married Martha, daughter of Agmondesham Muschamp and had a son, Agmondesham Cuffe, who lost his estates under the Jacobites but had them restored by King William. He married Anne, daughter of Sir John Otway. Their son, John Cuffe of Desart, county Kilkenny, was created Baron Desart in 1733 and the 1st Baron's second son, Otway was created Earl of Desart in 1793. In the mid 19th century the 3rd Earl of Desart held land in the parishes of Ballingarry and Lismalin, barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary. This estate of 2,065 acres, was advertised for sale in May 1857. In June 1873 and April 1874 this estate was again offered for sale by the trustees and executors of the Earl of Desart. In the 1870s the 4th Earl of Desart owned 932 acres in county Tipperary and 8,000 acres in county Kilkenny.

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Archival sources

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