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Curtis (Cork)

The 180 acre estate of Mary Curtis, widow, James Good Curtis and Henry William Curtin, executors of Thomas Curtis, at Upper Kilnahone, barony of Kerricurrihy, county Cork, was advertised for sale in July 1853. James Good Curtis was a surgeon who held the position of consulting surgeon to the South Infirmary in Cork at the time of his death in 1907 (''The British Medical Journal'', p. 784) . He purchased the lands of Maumuckey and part of the lands of Johnstown, barony of West Muskerry, county Cork in the Landed Estates' Court in 1867. These lands, held in fee simple and amounting to 449 acres, were advertised for sale again in June 1872. In the 1870s James Good Curtis of Camden Quay, Cork, owned 179 acres in county Cork. The Irish Times reported that they were sold in trust to Mr. Kearney for over £4000.

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Archival sources

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