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Wight (Limerick)

A family prominent in the civic life of Limerick at the beginning of the 18th century, with many connections to land owning families. Edward Wight was mayor of the city in 1694 and 1711 and married three times. His eldest son the Reverend Richard Wight was Archdeacon of Limerick in the mid 18th century. Richard's son and grandson both named Edward were also ordained clergymen and his granddaughter Catherine married Thomas Spring of Castlemaine, county Kerry, and was grandmother of the 1st Earl Mounteagle of Mount Trenchard. This family were also connected to the Gibbins of Gibbins Grove and many other families associated with Limerick city. John Wight, a younger brother of Richard, was Mayor of Limerick in 1741 and lived at Wightfield, near the city. Catherine Wight, daughter and co heir of the Reverend Edward Wight, rector of Meelick and son of John Wight, married in 1789 the Reverend John Crossley Seymour.

Associated Families

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Archival sources

  • W.B. Scott, solicitor's collection, contains many records re land transactions in Cos Clare, Limerick & Cork, 18th-19th centuries, including references to this family & to the Seymours. Small Accs Index 76 ; National Archives of Ireland

Modern printed sources