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De Boisi/de Boise de Courcenay

In the 1870s the Countess de Boisi and Lary John Smyth/John Smith Lary/Lorenzo J. Smith owned 2,502 acres in county Clare, 1,547 acres in county Limerick and 364 acres in county Tipperary. At the same time the Count and Countess de Boisi of Paris owned over 3,000 acres in county Tipperary and 544 acres in county Kilkenny. There is a reference to the estate of Valentine Mabie, Marquise de Boise de Courcenay with regard to the Land Purchase Acts in ''The Irish law times and solicitors' journal'' Volume 46 (1912) and documents relating to his estate are to be found in the National Archives. .

Associated Families

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Archival sources

  • Baker, Ringwood & Gordon, solicitor's collection, includes papers relating to the sale of estates in Cos. Tipperary and Kilkenny of the Marquise de Boise de Courcenay 20th c. Small Accs. Index 105, M. 3738 (1-7) ; National Archives of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources