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Samuel Woodroffe was granted 1,136 acres of land in the barony of East Carbery, county Cork in 1667 while Holmstead and Jedediah Woodriffe were granted small acreages of land in the barony of East Carbery in 1669. John Woodroffe, with an address in Dublin, was the owner of over 800 acres in county Cork in the 1870s. He was the proprietor of townlands in the parish of Desertserges, barony of East Carbery, at the time of Griffith's Valuation. Other members of the family owned smaller amounts of land in the county.

Associated Families

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Archival sources

  • Copy of confirmation of arms to the descendants of John Woodroffe of Dublin, descendant of Samuel Woodroffe of East Carbury, Co. Cork (1667) and to the grandson of the said John Woodroffe, the Rev. John Dunn Woodroffe (name corrected to Nunn Woodroffe), son of James Tisdall Woodroffe of Dublin, Nov. 2, 1875. Genealogical Office: Ms.109, pp.337-8 ; National Library of Ireland
  • Map of the lands of Curranes and parts of the lands of Enocks, Lisbehagh and Knocknanuss, in the parish of Desertserges, barony of East Carbery, Co. Cork, the estate of C. H. Woodroffe, G. F. Woodroffe and J. E. Woodroffe. Executed by F. A. Klein. Quarto sheet, coloured, mounted on linen, 1861. Manuscript map: 15 B. 14 (25) ; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources