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The Uptons were settled at Ashgrove, near Newcastle, county Limerick, from 1694 when they were given a lease for ever by Thomas Holmes (see Stephenson sale rental 1854). At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of John Upton held land in the parishes of Ardagh, barony of Shanid and Newcastle, barony of Glenquin, county Limerick. The estate of John Samuel Upton at Glanastare, parish of Newcastle, amounting to 731 acres was advertised for sale in November 1857 and again in 1865. In the 1870s John Upton of Ballinaberina, Newcastle, owned 184 acres in county Limerick and Samuel Upton of Ballinakill, Newcastle owned 55 acres.

Associated Families


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ashgrove Ashgrove Newcastle Newcastle Ardagh 97 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R254 353
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Glenastar Glenastar Newcastle Newcastle Ardagh 97 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R254 385
OS Sheet: 28
Discovery map: 64
Ballynabearna Ballynabearna Ardagh Newcastle Ardagh 97 Shanid Limerick OSI Ref: R246 372
OS Sheet: 28
Discovery map: 64

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources

  • ''Irish Ancestor'': Includes will of Upton of Limerick, 1712. Abstracts of Wills. II (1970), 117-127