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John Carleton Whitelocke of Dublin was the son of Carleton Whitelocke, sixth son of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke of Wiltshire. In 1724 John C. Whitelocke married Anne Roche daughter of George Roche of St Marys, Limerick. Their son George also married a Roche, Mary daughter of David Roche of Limerick and eventually succeeded to the estates of Sir Bulstrode Whitelocke. At the time of Griffith's Valuation his sons Bulstrode and George held an estate in the parishes of Kilkeedy and Killinaboy, barony of Inchiquin, county Clare. In the 1870s the Whitelock estate amounted to 2,529 acres in county Clare. In 1879 the estate passed to George Whitelocke-Lloyd of Strancally Castle, county Waterford, following the death of his uncle James Whitelocke of Amboise, Touraine, France, brother of Bulstrode and George. Griffith's Valuation records George Whitelocke holding a townland in the parish of Dromin, barony of Coshma, county Limerick.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Clogher West Clogher West Dromin Kilmallock Dromin 27 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R567 316
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 56

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

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