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Thomas Evans Davenport is recorded as holding lands in both counties Clare and Limerick in the mid 19th century. These lands were in the parish of Kilchreest, barony of Burren, county Clare and in the parish of Iveruss, barony of Kenry, county Limerick. The Ordnance Survey Name Books record Thomas Davenport of Ballynacourty as agent to the Earl of Clare. In 1820 he married Jane Nihill and they had a son, Dixon Davenport. Their daughter, Prudence, married Dudley O'Grady of Ballynort, county Limerick. In the 1870s Dixon Davenport of Ballynacourty or his representatives of Prospect Lodge, Tralee, county Kerry owned 663 acres in county Clare and 269 in county Limerick. In the early 20th century Rowland B. Davenport owned Burren House, a late 19th century house built on Davenport land in county Clare. The estate of the trustees of the will of Tyrrell Evans Davenport at Cappanageragh (310 acres), barony of Islands, county Clare, was advertised for sale in June 1872. The Irish Times reported that it was purchased by the tenants. Part of the lands of Ballynacourty and an interest in lands in the barony of Coonagh, the estate of Rowland Bateman Davenport and Elizabeth Agnes Davenport, minors, was advertised for sale in November 1878.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Iveruss Iveruss Castletown 125 Kenry Limerick OSI Ref: R372 550
OS Sheet: 11
Discovery map: 64

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

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