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Cecil Stacpoole Kenny records the history of the Kenny family and of some other related county Clare families in a volume now preserved in the National Library of Ireland. He writes that an Edmond/Edward Kenny was the first to settle in county Clare. Edmund Kenny was a tenant of the Earl of Thomond at Tiermanna, barony of Ibrickan. Edmund's grandson Matthias by his wife Mary Shannon had seven sons. From their second son David Kenny descended General Sir Thomas Kelly Kenny. Their eldest son Edmund of Carhue was an extensive landholder in the Dysert locality. Edmund's eldest son William Kenny of Cragleigh had a large family. His second son Hugh Kenny of Ballygreen married Helen Macnamara of Corbally co heiress of her brother Thomas and they were the parents of Thomas Hugh Kenny, a solicitor, of Moymore, Indiaville near Limerick and Georges St, Limerick. In 1877 Thomas Hugh Kenny married Louisa Dunne, who inherited the Stacpoole of Moymore estate through her mother Mary Louisa Stacpoole. They became known as Stacpoole Kenny and had three sons and three daughters. Louise wrote popular novels and biographies. Other branches of the Kenny family intermarried with the Martyns of Gregans Castle, O'Gormans, Lingards, Lysaghts, Macnamaras and Ryans.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Moymore Moymore North Killaspuglonane Ennistimon Killaspuglonane 59 Corcomroe Clare OSI Ref: R096 915
OS Sheet: 15
Discovery map: 51
Carhoo Carhoo Dysert Ennis Dysert 22 Inchiquin Clare OSI Ref: R275 850
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 57
Cragleagh Cragleagh Drumcliff Ennis Kilnamona 37 Islands Clare OSI Ref: R299 781
OS Sheet: 33
Discovery map: 57

Archival sources

  • Stacpoole Kenny Papers: deeds by members of Kenny family re lands in Cos Clare, Dublin & Limerick, includes will of Hugh Kenny of Ballygreen (4 Sept 1844), c 1844-1918. D 26,533-26,572; National Library of Ireland
  • Stacpoole Kenny Papers: Diaries of Louise Stacpoole Kenny of Ennistymon, Co Clare and of Limerick, 6 vols, 1873-1893 with gaps. MSS 19,177-19,182; National Library of Ireland
  • Stacpoole Kenny Papers: papers of Thomas Kenny solicitor & his wife Louisa Stacpoole Kenny of Limerick & Dublin with accounts & associated correspondence mainly with Macnamara family of Moher, including reference to estates at Moymore & Rock Lodge, 19th & early 20th centuries. MSS 18,884-18,922; National Library of Ireland
  • Abstracts of documents, pedigrees and history of the Kenny and related families, in particular the Lysaght family, compiled by Cecil S. Kenny in 1914. MSS 2108-2110; National Library of Ireland
  • Stacpoole Kenny Papers, two notebooks of Louisa Stacpoole Kenny and records re purchase of property for James North in Dublin, 1875, 1883, early 20th century. MSS 19,183-19,185; National Library of Ireland
  • Stacpoole Kenny Papers, unsorted material. PC203; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources