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Butler (Ballyline/Millbrook)

This family is a branch of the Butlers, Lords Dunboyne, descended from Sir Theobald Butler, a lawyer and Jacobite who died in 1720. His son, James Butler of Caherbane (Carrowbane), parish of Kilmaleary and Castlekeale, parish of Kilnasollagh, both in barony of Bunratty Lower, county Clare, married a daughter of Theobald Butler, 5th Baron Caher, and acquired land in county Tipperary. At the end of the 18th century their grandson, another Theobald of Fishmoyne, county Tipperary, married Eliza, daughter of Augustine Fitzgerald of Tooreen, parish of Kilraghtis, barony of Bunratty Upper, county Clare and their son, Augustine Fitzgerald Butler, was residing at Millbrook by 1837. Griffith’s Valuation records Augustine holding fourteen townlands in the parish of Inchicronan and one in the parish of Kilraghtis, barony of Bunratty Upper and townlands in the parishes of Clonloghan, barony of Bunratty Lower and Kilkeedy, barony of Inchiquin. He bought parts of the O'Callaghan estate as Lissleagh, barony of Burren and parts of the Marquis of Thomond estate in the barony of Inchiquin in the 1850s. His estate amounted to 7,460 acres in the 1870s. He was succeeded by his only son, Theobald Butler, in 1883.

Associated Families


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Cahirbane Carrowbane Kilmaleery Ennis Clenagh 39 Bunratty Lower Clare OSI Ref: R378 653
OS Sheet: 51
Discovery map: 58
Shepperton Ballysallagh West Kilnasoolagh Ennis Urlan 44 Bunratty Lower Clare OSI Ref: R373 678
OS Sheet: 51
Discovery map: 58
Ballyline Ballyline Kiraghtis Ennis Crusheen 21 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R377 865
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 58
Tooreen Tooreen Kilraghtis Ennis Spancelhill 24 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R375 792
OS Sheet: 34
Discovery map: 58

Archival sources

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  • W.B. Scott, solicitor's collection, contains many records re land transactions in Cos Clare, Limerick & Cork, 18th-19th centuries, including references to Henry Butler of Millbrook & James of Ballyogan, Co Clare 1817. T.3457 & T.3458 Small Accs Index 76 ; National Archives of Ireland
  • Baker, Ringwood & Gordon, solicitor's collection, includes documents re title of Windham Gabbett to estate in baronies of Inchiquin & Bunratty Upper, Co Clare, with deeds re Butler family of Killcomon & Fishmoyne, Co Tipperary & Millbrook, Co Clare, 18th & 19th centuries. Small Accs. Index 105, T.11777-11778, D.20,974-20,977. M.3838-3839; National Archives of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

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