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O'Grady (Lismoyle)

The O’Gradys were established in the Kilballyowen locality of county Limerick, from at least medieval times. Darby O’Grady of Mount Prospect, county Limerick, was the father of Standish O’Grady, created Viscount Guillamore in 1831. A younger brother of Standish’s, Edward O’Grady, married Mary daughter of William Stamer of Carnelly, county Clare. In the mid 19th century Mary O’Grady of Dublin was the immediate lessor of the townland of Clenagh, parish of Kilmaleery, barony of Bunratty Lower, county Clare and in the 1870s she owned 850 acres in county Clare. Edward Stamer O’Grady, a military man who died in 1865, was the eldest son of Edward and Mary O’Grady. He was the first of three generations of Edward Stamer O’Gradys. Weir writes that Lismoyle House, Clenagh, was used by the O’Gradys as a shooting lodge. The O’Grady family owned the property until the early 20th century.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Lismoyle Clenagh Kilmaleery Ennis Clenagh 39 Bunratty Lower Clare OSI Ref: R362 641
OS Sheet: 51
Discovery map: 58

Archival sources

  • Copy of confirmation of arms & quartering O’Grady with Stamer to descendants of Edward Smyth O’Grady (& his wife Mary, daughter & heir of William Stamer of Carnelly), fourth son of Darby O’Grady of Mount Prospect, Co Limerick, 9 Nov 1910. GO MS 111a: 46; National Library of Ireland
  • Copy of confirmation of arms to descendants of Edward Stamer O’Grady FRCSI, grandson of Edward Smyth O’Grady, & to his second son Guillamore O’Grady, Dublin Herald, 15 Apr 1914. GO MS 111B: 2; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources