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The townland of Querrin, parish and barony of Moyarta, county Clare, was granted to Anthony Hickman and Richard Freeman in 1712. A house was built in the Dutch style by the Van Hogart family in the 18th century. Katherine, daughter of Anthony Hickman of Ballykett, had married Edward Van Hogart. By the mid 19th century Randal W. Borough was in possession of two townlands in the parish of Moyarta and was residing at Querrin which was valued at £3.10 shillings. His estate was held by the Court of Chancery and was advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court in November 1856. The sale included Querrin House and 1,349 acres. The Freeman's Journal reported that the purchasers were Messers. O'Brien and Chambers. In the 1870s the representatives of Robert Borough of Cappagh owned 1,125 acres and Randal W. Borough owned 569 acres in county Clare.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Querrin Querrin Moyarta Kilrush Querrin 92 Moyarta Clare OSI Ref: Q925 542
OS Sheet: 66
Discovery map: 63
Cappagh Lodge Ballynote West Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Rural 102 Moyarta Clare OSI Ref: Q990 536
OS Sheet: 67
Discovery map: 63
Querrin Lodge Querrin Moyarta Kilrush Querrin 92 Moyarta Clare OSI Ref: Q921549
OS Sheet: 66
Discovery map: 63

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources