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The Singletons came from Lancashire and settled in county Clare at the end of the 17th century. John Singleton married Marcella Dalton of Deerpark, heir to her brother. Their second son Edward Dalton Singleton lived at Quinville and three generations of his descendants but the male line died out in the late 19th century. In the mid 19th century the Singleton estate was centred on the parish of Quin, barony of Bunratty Upper, county Clare, with additional parts in the parishes of Kilnasoolagh, barony of Bunratty Lower and Killard, barony of Ibrickan. By the 1870s Hugh Singleton of Hazelwood, parish of Clooney, second son of Edward Dalton Singleton, owned 1,535 acres and his older brother John Singleton of Quinville Abbey owned 1,927 acres in county Clare. Weir writes that Quinville became the residence of a branch of the McCauslands of county Derry in the 20th century.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballard Ballard Killard Kilrush Killard 90 Ibrickan Clare OSI Ref: Q926 652
OS Sheet: 46
Discovery map: 57
Hazelwood Ballyhickey Clooney Tulla Clooney 142 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R423 762
OS Sheet: 34
Discovery map: 48
Quinville House Quinville North Quin Tulla Quin 145 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R415 753
OS Sheet: 34
Discovery map: 58

Archival sources

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  • Genealogical notes on Singleton of Quinville Avenue by Charles French Blake Foster, c 1865. MS 13,560; National Library of Ireland
  • McMahon Collection, IE CLCCA/PP/EST/1; Clare County Archives

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources