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The Burren area in county Clare was the territory of the O’Loghlens until its confiscation in the mid 17th century by the Cromwellians. In the latter half of the 18th century Colman O’Loughlen resided at Port, By his second wife Susannah Finucane of Ennis he had five sons and one daughter. Three of the sons had descendants Hugh O’Loghlen of Port (Portlecka), parish of Ruan, barony of Inchiquin, Michael O’Loghlen who became a baronet and Bryan O’Loghlen of Rockview (Aughrim Ross), parish of Dysert. Sir Michael O’Loghlen (1789-1842) was a distinguished lawyer who became Master of the Rolls, the first Catholic to hold such a high judicial office in almost two centuries. Two of his sons Colman and Bryan became the 2nd and 3rd baronets both were also prominent lawyers, Colman in Ireland and Bryan in Australia. Their sister married into the Woulfe Flanagan family of county Roscommon, another family prominent in legal circles. The O’Loughlen estate was rather scattered as they held townlands in the parishes of Templemaley, barony of Bunratty Upper, Kilcorney and Killonaghan, barony of Burren, Dysert, Kilkeedy and Ruan, barony of Inchiquin and Kilfiddane, barony of Corcomroe. Over 1,000 acres the estate of Hugh O'Loghlen in the barony of Ibrickan was advertised for sale in November 1850. In the 1870s Sir Colman Michael O’Loughlen’s estate was comprised of 1,135 acres and his brother Bryan owned 760 acres in county Clare. Nutfield, parish of Templemaley, barony of Bunratty Upper was held by Sir Colman O’Loghlen in fee at the time of Griffith’s Valuation. Weir writes that Port was sold in the 1860s to Jeremiah Kelly and his descendants continued to live there throughout the 20th century. Jeremiah Kelly owned 384 acres in county Clare in the 1870s.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Rockview Aughrim Dysert Corrofin Ruan 20 Inchiquin Clare OSI Ref: R344 846
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 58
Port Portlecka Ruan Corrofin Ruan 20 Inchiquin Clare OSI Ref: R338 861
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 58
Nutfield Nutfield Templemaley Ennis Ruan 20 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R348 834
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 58

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Contemporary printed sources

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