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Stacpoole (Ballyallia)

This was a junior branch of the Stacpoole family of Annagh and Eden Vale, county Clare. George Stacpoole of Cragbrien was a barrister who married Jane daughter of Andrew Lysaght of Summerville in 1767. They had a number of sons, including Andrew of Ballyallia, Mathias of Moymore and the Reverend William of Cragbrien. Andrew Stacpoole of Ballyallia, married as his third wife Diana Finucane daughter of Daniel Finucane of Stamer Park and had two sons William Stacpoole Member of Parliament who died in 1879 and Andrew who died unmarried in 1866. Both these sons held estates in county Clare in the mid 19th century. Andrew Stacpoole’s estate was mainly in the barony of Corcomroe, in the parishes of Kilmacrehy and Kilmanaheen but he also held land in three other baronies. His estate was in the hands of the Court of Chancery and over 1,200 acres were advertised for sale on 1 July 1858. William Stacpoole’s estate was in the parishes of Killonaghan, Kilmoon and Rathborney, barony of Burren, Killard, barony of Ibrickan and Templemaley, barony of Bunratty Upper. In the 1870s William Stacpoole of Ballyallia owned 7,441 acres in county Clare. He was Member of Parliament for Ennis.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Lehinch House Ardnacullia South Kilmanaheen Ennistimon Ennistimon 48 Corcomroe Clare OSI Ref: R116 875
OS Sheet: 23
Discovery map: 57
Ballyallia Ballyallia Templemaley Ennis Templemaley 25 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R345 817
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 58
Ardavilling Sculleen Cloyne Middleton Cloyne 265 Imokilly Cork OSI Ref: W914 692
OS Sheet: 76
Discovery map: 81

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources